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We generate valuable data and find your new prospects
You acquire new customers and grow your business

Every successful company is constantly seeking to enhance and expand its lead generation and new customer acquisition efforts.  To ensure the best results for your organization, the Concision Market Reports are a must-have resource for you and your team.  We will provide you with the information that you require in order to uncover exciting new opportunities and grow your business.

Our Concision Market Reports support the efforts of a select group of successful sales and marketing professionals and business owners.  We focus on supplying our customers with exclusive access to the most accurate information available on the very latest, time-critical and actionable business activity.   We discover and identify businesses, organizations and institutions which are developing, growing and changing.  We give you the data which you will need in order to find new customers when they need you.

We consistently provide the best available information on:

  • New business openings

  • Commercial construction and development activity

  • Relocations and expansions

  • Significant remodels and renovations

  • Growing and expanding organizations

  • Other business activity which creates potential sales opportunities

We monitor the marketplace constantly.  We sift through tremendous volumes of information so that you don't have to.  We uncover activity which can create new opportunities for your sales and marketing efforts.  We gather, filter, verify and package all of our data so that it is clear and easy to digest.  We enable you to engage new prospects with confidence, knowing that you possess accurate and up-to-date information. 


Our Concision Market Reports provide the critical information which feeds your sales pipeline.  We enable you and your team to spend less of your valuable time searching for new opportunities, and more time focused on developing new customer relationships and growing your business.


Concision Market Reports
  • ​B2B Sales Leads

  • Timely and Accurate

  • Actionable Information

  • Published Twice Each Month

  • Locally Sourced and Focused

  • Low Risk and High ROI

  • Limited and Controlled Distribution

The Sales Cycle Begins with Knowledge

Sales and marketing efforts depend on knowledge of activity...of need...of intent.

We are here to assist by providing new access to that information.


Exchange of Information Produces Results

Movement of information drives the entire sales process.

From beginning to closing any deal, acquiring and sharing knowledge is the key.


Is Your Eye on the Marketplace?

In business, gaining knowledge and high-value data can be the difference between leading the pack and missing the race.

We can help you to cross the finish line in first place.